Sunday, 29 May 2011

What a Great Day!!

On a drizzly day 17 wonderful women (and a wonderful boy) got together with a common aim to sew and knit comfort blankets for children that had experienced some kind of trauma in their young lives. And boy did they give it their best shot - it was overwhelming. Some bought quilts that they had already made as a head start, some bought fabric to share or wool or knitting pins - but ALL bought good humour, bags of enthusiasm and a love for this craft.

We had half a dozen very old Singer machines that sewed beautifully

Max showing Joshua what he was up to

This fella came to drop something off and insisted on staying and sewing - he did a great job!

It was a wonderful way of meeting new like-minded people and catching up with old friends
People could help themselves to pre-cut fabric strips and squares and there was easy to follow instructions on how to piece together each top. Half a dozen sewing machines were on hand to use, some ladies brought their own with them. Mary Ann made some beautiful lavender hearts to thank all that came - it was a lovely touch.
All in all, we are on our way to 20 quilts being completed - stemming from this day. There are still some finishing touches due to some. Eventually they will make their way to touch the hearts of some children.

If anyone would like any help or advice about putting on a day similar to this -please do not hesitate to contact me.

Big, big thank you to all who took part, and gave precious time in this busy world to help others. A special thank you to Mary Ann who put so much work into making this day happen and run so smoothly. For all the cutting, preparing, sorting and baking - you are a star and I'm so pleased to have met you through this special project
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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Project Linus Update

Something really marvellous happened the other day - quite unexpected. I received a call following an S.O.S. I had put out to the local community for fabric donations for the Project Linus day on this coming Saturday - a lady had some fabric and wool if I would like to collect it - which I did.
Three big bin-bags full - and its an absolute stash of treasures!!
The above photo is a small ikea bag crammed with pre-cut vintage Laura Ashley 4 1/2" squares

These are all Laura Ashley offcuts, large squares or solids, a BIG Ikea bag full
and these are 2 1/2" squares all Laura Ashley

PLUS loads of other fabric remnants, mostly cottons - How fab is that??
I have really enjoyed sorting through and gasping at all the loveliness of this mega-stash!!
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Kaffe Course

In about 10 days time, I'm off to Cornwall for a one day course with the King of Colour Kaffe Fassett - so I'm just having a look at the fabrics I have accrued with this workshop in mind - as per usual a bit of doubt is creeping in, fearing that I have lost the plot - so I have taken a black and white picture too (I'm not sure why??? I think its to see that I have a mix of tones)

and the verdict is....... I am absolutely non -the-wiser!!
Boy , has Kaffe got his work cut out with me!!!
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Saturday, 21 May 2011


The Craft Fair was absolutely lovely - definately a success! Everyone sold a bit of something, the sun shone, cream teas were eaten outside, Rob's cob's were eaten inside (cobs are rolls if you are wondering! its a Nottingham/Derbyshire word) and there was a lovely steady trickle of customers all day PERFECT

I sold a dozem items, which FAR exceeded expectations... but moreover I signed up half a dozen people to workshops and the icing on the cake was to be asked to do workshops in colleges - one close by and one a bit further afield ... so WOW!! I am blown away by the day. Big, big thanks to everyone who came, supported and enjoyed - it cannot be done without
 community participation.

Cheers!! Here's to Community spirit and... homemade chocolate brownies




Friday, 20 May 2011

Setting up my stall

Well fingers crossed that all goes well, and that everyone enjoys the experience.
Zoe Sews beautiful stall with woollen goodies

Zoe's little dolls
The results of 2011's labours!!
The sun is shining, so teas will be served outside - can't be bad!! Will blog later with thefinal installment!
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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Quilts and Baked Beans

I was thirty years of age before I ate a baked bean.
No-one could have tempted me - I refused them for years and even baulked at the thought of them.
Now I love 'em. I accidentally ate one that had strayed onto my plate and hid itself amongst my fried brekkie nice!
Thank fully, its been a godsend, as when times in the past have been a bit hard - those little fellas have provided a nutritious hot meal for very little cost.
The same goes for quilting - I have this theory that it is something you find  when its needed. You can't be pushed into will only appreciate it for its full worth, when the time is right.
For years, and it is only nowadays that I am recalling this, I have had little dabblings in quilting and patchwork. And a few years ago, a brilliantly gifted crafty pal of mine started to quilt, the most deliciously colourful Kaffe Fassett inspired quilts and whilst I admired them ..I don't think I really SAW and appreciated them. Then, I accompanied her in April 2010 to a workshop run by her local quilting group, where we made paper pieced stars.

My first pieced star
...and that was it....I haven't stopped quilting since. Now I look at her quilts with different eyes, like a veil has lifted and I can savour every beautiful hand stitch and marvel at the fabrics.
... and as I spread the word evangelically about the love I have for this craft, the craft that has put a spring in my step and a song in my heart....I see...  "oh no!"the glazed expressions, a foggy haze that my quilting just isn't penetrating.. you see?   Its all about the timing.
And so to 'Blog', to find YOU ... you who are reading this and nodding, and to you whose blogs I so admire, to share in your highs and lows and you in mine, you whose fog has lifted, who can walk my walk and moreover talk my talk... I am so pleased and relieved to know you are there and thank you for sharing this journey with me.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Craft Fair Saturday - hope you can make it!

I've been reading...a great book that I got, 'The Handmade Market Place' by Kari Chapin - who advises that if you can't find craft fairs to sell your home-made goodies at ,in your area, then organise one of your own. So I have!!
Its on Saturday at the Parish Room in Shipley. Only a small venue...but hey out of small acorns grow HUGE oak trees... so I'm gonna give it a go.
So if you are in the Derbyshire area on Saturday and would like to peruse some hand-made crafts, come on down, theres a dozen or so stalls plus refreshments. You will be made most WELCOME.
There will be wood carving, jewellery, Waldorf dolls, ceramics, cakes and sweets, painted glass and wooden gifts, sock toys, paintings and who knows I'm sure a bit of bric-a-brac will sneak in too...I can't wait
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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

My New Project

This photo really doesn't do it justice - this quilt is so vibrant and full of joie de vivre.

BUT a couple of pets rats escaped one night, made rather a meal of it!! It belongs to a friend and she has asked if I can repair it - ready for when her daughter returns from her travels as a surprise - I can't wait to get stuck in as the colours are a joy and it will be a pleasure to revitalise it. Here are a couple of close-ups
A bit of made fabric a la 15 mins Play

Sarah Greenwood 1991 - 2                (20 years old)

Thats a little pocket for a hanky at the top of pic
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I would really like to see if I can find Sarah Greenwood .....
These are a few fabrics that I have bought in the last week, without knowing of this task


I'll keep you posted!!

Friday, 6 May 2011

Project Linus Comes to Shipley

For those who aren't familiar with the name - Project Linus is an organisation originally founded in 1995 in the USA and later came to the UK in 2000.....It all started when....
'an article appeared in Parade Magazine entited 'Joy to the World' featuring a small curly haired child. She had been going through intensive chemotherapy and it stated that her security blanket had helped get her through the treatments.
Karen Loucks, who had just learned to crochet decided to provide home-made security blankets for Denver Rocky Mountain Children's Cancer Centre. Project Linus was born! (Linus named after the little guy in the Peanuts comic strip)'
Since Project Linus came to the UK over 117,000 quilts and blankets have been delivered to seriously ill, abused, bereaved or traumatised children from premature babies to teenagers - in need of a hug.

UK Coal have pledged money to community projects in our local area, and have very kindly agreed to fund 2 days at the Shipley Parish Rooms, where knitters and quilters alike can drop in and help make some comfort blankets, for the project. All materials will be on hand together with refreshemments - even a bit of lunch! So from 10.30 am onwards on Saturday 28th May if you are free - please come down you will be made most welcome.
If you cannot make it, but would like to help in some other way you can:

Make a quilt at home and donate it
Donate supplies such as cotton fabric, office supplies or postage stamps, whick will help the project run smoothly.

Project Linus is 100% volunteer based and non-profitmaking so it relies on such donations

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Bib blog bib blog

A little something for baby Leo

Must add that theres a bit of fave Ikea fabric in the Bib - The crayfish and the tortilla!!
This bib was made following this great tutorial and the changing mat was simply a small hand towel (from Ikea) backed with my favourite seagulls fabric. I sewed a piece of bias binding lengthwise to create a ribbon, put a few stitches in to hold it and create a tie.
Really loved making these and plan to do more....!!
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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Just this minute finished 5 blocks for the Block Lotto - its a great pattern when all the blocks are put together. The rules of this block are that you must use 2 greys , 2 golds and also use white squares for continuity. I'd like to have a play around with this block using different colours. Really enjoyable block though - best so far!!!!!
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