Sunday, 24 April 2011

Ace Fabric

I thought I would share this fabric tip with you... its a new line in Ikea and has so many images on it, that it has great capacity for fussy cutting and adding to a quilt
I only bought half a metre, and had such fun with the lobsters, flowers, bananas, strawberries and butterflies! In fact it inspired me to put together this as a quilt...

Can you spot the pineapple and the lobster claw coming out of the star!!
Some of the fbric is still in black and white drawing form - like the butterfly

I reckon at £2.99 a metre - this is a top buy!!
Better view of the butterfly in this one

Happy Easter Everybody

A HUGE dragonfly entered the garden at 7am and started searching for eggs

Our hardboiled eggs ready to go to be rolled down the hill

All that glisters....may be eggs

If hayfever threatens -wear glasses and at least 2 hats!

I think theres some cheating going on in the egg and spoon race!!

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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Saturdays Reflection

An amazing window display in Manchester - there were another 3 windows just like this!! I kept wandering back for another glance...
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Sunday, 17 April 2011

i love it when a plan goes right...!

This is what the best dressed coffee pots this season are friendly all made from recyled materials, napkins and teatowels. I'm really pleased with this effort - this was made with love for Mum and Dad instead of an Easter Egg in the colours of Provence so that they can keep their coffee warm whilst enjoying lazy mornings in France.


The front
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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Things that make you go OOoooohhhh

amazing shooooooes

This rug is made of ties......ooooooh

Check out the jeans cushion...oooooh


I'm trying to look demure.. but the smile on my chops says it all... we had a HOOT!! Taking a leaf from Em's blog today was classed as a Retreat - as in retreating from the day-to-day life and replacing with some much needed nurturing of the inner goddess .With money being a bit tight it was only ever to be a day long but it was the tonic needed, to regroup, pamper ourselves and above all relax and escape. My bestest pal Liz and I had the most wonderful day in Nottingham and on the way, I was thinking about the word RETREAT and tried to make as many words as I could from it... and they are all SO APT!!   : Treat - says it all , Eat - compulsary on a girls day out, Tart - that something we eat...not...!! Tear - sometimes, after a glass of wine, Rear - as in, 'does my bum look big in this?' Tat - what to avoid spending our hard earned cash on.

Giggles at morning coffee

'Cheers'ful smiles at lunch
Posted by PicasaLots of window shopping, lots of trying on clothes, sampling makeup, eating, drinking and merry making - just what the doctor ordered

Friday, 15 April 2011

I'm too wonky for my own good...

Having had a couple of days enjoying playing with liberating wonkiness.. it seems I can't now get a grip of precision. So heres the dilemma... do I persist? I want to throw my ruler out the window at the moment...or do I accept the slap-dash, 'it'll do if you squint at it in candlelight' that is me? I sort of know that I ought to try a bit harder........
Heres my wonderful wonkiness that I've been playing with... One of my favourite blogs that I follow is this one, Robin made some wonderful prayer flags that really made my heart sing when I saw them - so I've tried a few of my own - I have a craft fair coming up soon (more on that later) and I need to decorate the railing outside so I had a really lovely hour or so / sewing...
Little flags to be made into bunting

Perhaps its the Royal Wedding that has given me Bunting Fever

I'm collecting tags that are sewn into clothing and incorporating them into blocks - not sure what to do with them as yet...

Mini pin cushion
and then when I needed to apply myself to the Block Lotto blocks..I am struggling (again!!)
Please don't enlarge the picture, it will only make it worse
however every cloud of clover has a silver lining and I have at least made a pincushion from the tiny bonus Clover Block
Not all leaves are symetrical - just ask Mother Nature

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

My new line!!

This is my line in kitchen fashionware - check out the bias binding!!
I have fallen in love .......with bias binding! I was always so scared of it.... but its magical, it really does make light work of curvy corners! If you have an irrational fear of the curve.....GO ON.... I urge you.....give it a go!!!!

Friday, 1 April 2011

To the Rescue

These little beauties are pillow cases that I 'rescued' from the last chance saloon bin at a local charity shop. Next stop would've seen them being sent to be recycled into rags.. better than landfill... but I've got a better idea!! I love their zingy colours but they still need an extra ooomph....I rememebered a flat sheet that I recently picked up, still in it original wrapper from the Antique Centre in Heanor and wow it looks great with them

The little square of gingham was also a 'find' yesterday - a little pair of curtains that had seen better days - I think I feel another quilt coming on!!

I've done a little more work on the cutting mat bag, adding some padded handles, some buttons and badges... more to come.....
I've started cutting out labels... think I could have some fun with these! Have a loud and zig zaggy Friday!!! x