Friday, 15 April 2011

I'm too wonky for my own good...

Having had a couple of days enjoying playing with liberating wonkiness.. it seems I can't now get a grip of precision. So heres the dilemma... do I persist? I want to throw my ruler out the window at the moment...or do I accept the slap-dash, 'it'll do if you squint at it in candlelight' that is me? I sort of know that I ought to try a bit harder........
Heres my wonderful wonkiness that I've been playing with... One of my favourite blogs that I follow is this one, Robin made some wonderful prayer flags that really made my heart sing when I saw them - so I've tried a few of my own - I have a craft fair coming up soon (more on that later) and I need to decorate the railing outside so I had a really lovely hour or so / sewing...
Little flags to be made into bunting

Perhaps its the Royal Wedding that has given me Bunting Fever

I'm collecting tags that are sewn into clothing and incorporating them into blocks - not sure what to do with them as yet...

Mini pin cushion
and then when I needed to apply myself to the Block Lotto blocks..I am struggling (again!!)
Please don't enlarge the picture, it will only make it worse
however every cloud of clover has a silver lining and I have at least made a pincushion from the tiny bonus Clover Block
Not all leaves are symetrical - just ask Mother Nature

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