Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The new addition to the family

Here she is..... made in 1874 and still going strong - A beautiful Singer that caught our eye on E-Bay as we were bidding on something else (isn't it always the way??? it is for me!) We got this beauty, together with a lovely wooden case which has a secret cubby hole in it for bobbins etc. Plus loads of spare needles, bobbins, feet and spare bobbin cases for...... £16 This brings the sewing machine count in the Wyer household up to 5 .... whoops. However, every cloud has a silver lining - I can now offer patchwork workshops locally and have 4 machines that I can easily transport .... speculate to accumalate....isn't that what they say?

I managed to save this beauty from a recycling bin..don't ask...but what a beauty -i'll call it my Oxo jumper

These are images of a bag I'm in the process of making that will hold my cutting mat and ruler - I've used thick wadding again so its lovely and chunkily quilted - just need some nice handles now

Back on Track

At last I'm back in the saddle, my computer has been infiltrated with spy ware for the best part of two weeks - luckily it was fixed this morning by a friendly computer genius- so at last I can update my blog with all that I've been getting stuck into whilst its been down

I've really enjoyed quilting my Block Lotto win, I'm still in the process but it's an enjoyable one. I have used such thick wadding that you can really see where you've been - and its gonna be a lovely chunky quilt.

It's taken just ages to put together a quilt for my youngest son but at last we cracked it, at a break-neck speed (if the quilt police are out there - divert their attention QUICK!! - I've cut alot of corners!!) but for good reasons - my boy can't wait forever!!! He's been so patient.
The bit that we're proudest of.... is the Lego pocket..... he was so horrified to see so much of my seagull fabric (MY favourite fabric......ever) that I had to disguise it by a bit of shifty covering up. Jack is the sort of boy that wakes in the morning, reaches for a tiny Lego figure to gaze at over breakfast...one sneaks in his schoolbag....one appears on the dinner table..... and is there at night to squeeze the last bit of playtime out of the day. So I covered the seagull patch with a zip pocket - just to keep that little Lego man safe till morning
The pocket

The finished quilt - made with love for Jack

How come, every time you lay a quilt out for a photo, someone thinks its an opportunity not to be missed???

This is Jack's inspiration for the Quilt - one fat quarter of Union Jack Print - sometimes thats all it takes!!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Thats it - all done ! button sewn on and now the pouch is stuffed with a packet of wipes and a few new-born nappies. A nice little gift I think. I hope Anna likes it

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Nappy Pouches!!

Whilst strolling through Blogland the other day I came across some great ideas on Living My Sweet Life blog here and via that, stumbled across this Noddle-head site with amazing tutorials - one of them being this great littke pouch. At the same time the phone rang with news that a friend was just about to have her baby that day.... so I began... and just in case she had triplets I made 3 !!!! All I need to do now is purchase some baby wipes and a pack of nappiues to divvy out amonst them and they'll be a cute little gift for a mum-to-be

March Block Lotto D4P

This is the last of my Disappearing 4 Patches - I've made 4 in total now and the more I do the more I like them! Plus I just love this particular fabric. They will be entered into the Block Lotto at the end of the month.
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Friday, 4 March 2011

Finished Small Quilt

Upside down, but never mind!!
Just a quick piccy of the finished scrappy quilt

OOh Look at This!!

I saw this in a shop window in Nottingham ... one day I would love to have a crack at upholstering with patchwork....one day....

This is the sort of thing my boys get up to , on shopping trips into Nottingham...


Thats what little boys are made of!

I had great fun this week making a tea cosy - ready to sell on a craft stall in Maytime

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

March Block Lotto

This month its the turn of the disappearing 4 patch. Each block is to have a different red used in it, I think that I only have one more red left in my stash so 4 might have to be my limit this month!.... who knows?????
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