Monday, 11 July 2011

New Product Launch

I've been messing around this morning, flitting between this that and the other - trying to knuckle down and produce something to sell on my new Web Page to be launched later this be frank ... I've got nowt. Zero. Zilch. I sold it all on the Craft Fair or I've given it away.
So I'm desperate....
So here we go....

You know that noise in the middle of the night, you wonder whether its a mouse, or the washing machine..or your neighbours? Sometimes it sounds like a low moan...
its your eggs.
They are moaning. They are DAMN cold.
They've been toastie warm in the chicken, warm in the nest. So now they are shivering and moaning.
What they need is one of these:


A fandango EGG COSY, for an eco-friendly vintage styley egg around town - look no further.
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And talk about value for money... its double sided!!


  1. The only trouble is...seeing as it took all morning to make - I'll have to charge fifty quid for it!!!!