Friday, 15 March 2013

Orphan Block Quilt Top TaDa!!

Here she is, done at last..the Orphan Block Linus Quilt. Blocks kindly donated by a couple of Linus ladies and Kate from this blog (when I won one of her giveaways last year some time)
I've monkeyed around with them, adding borders and setting them on point with floral fabics..and loved every minute. I hope this quilt goes to a colour loving older girl, with a love of florals..
with the light shining through, giving a stained glass effect

spot the Jack Russell..

Geometric shapes softened by florals.

Also yesterday, I was inspired to make a bag for a forthcoming workshop that I am attending..and a brand new tea cloth caught my eye that I've been stashing and not using for quite a while now.
I can't go through the process and it was one bodge after another, but I like the finished result and when I find another towel , I'll take some pics of the process.
Above 'DORSET' there was an ugly 3 lion badge that spoilt the look, so I covered it with a 'made' postcard complete with stamp

this is the side I prefer.
Thats all for now but a big THANK YOU to all that stop by, it's lovely to share with you. And to those who comment, an extra BIG thank you - it is always a lovely surprise when something pops into the inbox.

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