Friday, 25 February 2011

My dinky new labels!!

I am so excited, my labels have arrived and I'm so chuffed with them. They end up costing about 15 or 20 pence each, which doesn't seem too bad as they are a good size - I love 'em . I incorporated one straight away in a pin cushion... probably won't do it quite like that again but i reckon if it doesn't move a label on it!!

My other new recent pink purchase...have you spotted it? To beautiful to use! My hot pink thimble! Just need to do some serious quilting now.

Is there anybody out there????!!!

I love learning about blogging and I feel so proud when I learn how to set up something new... but I'm stuck! I've managed to upload one of my photos to appear behind my title but how on earth to you shrink it too a narrow band rather than it take up half the page...I've tried to goggle instructions but my poor brain is boggled. So..I just wondered if you have had this experience and could leave me a comment and a tip??? I would really appreciate it x

Sunday, 20 February 2011

A little bit more

Heres my new gadget gizmo from Ikea that allows me to pin up ideas and half finished thingy-me-bobs - pride of place is my beautiful Journal Quilt from Dee that arrived from Canada yesterday as part of the Quilt Swop

Here's her wonderful detail - I love it - thank you Dee

I managed another 2 hearts for the Block Lotto

and here is the pieced scrappy top containing all the odds and sods, bits and bobs - I wish my camera was a bit more true to the colours - never mind i'll try again when I've put the border on and started the quilting process. This will have cost me nothing but my time - I like that idea! A freebie at last - I need to do more of these to justify my obsession for collecting fabric!!


Heres what I did with my reject heart that was too small to enter for the Block Lotto - I'm goona add to a stack of 15 mins play stuff to make a wonky scrappy style quilt

This is the start of a quilted journal inspired by this wonderful blog

My squishes are arriving thick and fast!

One more block to recieve and then I can begin!

Or maybe I can make a start today???
I've been too busy sewing to Blog! I need to find a balance here!! I'm rather missing the point... anyway heres a huge update....

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


I forgot to add that I was a winner in my first time at the Block Lotto!!! What a wonderful surprise - so I have blocks winging their way to me from all over the USA, Canada, Ireland and the UK - so exciting!! I feel very lucky and can't wait to start to put them together, 35 in total plus one of my own so I could do a six by six square maybe or a seven by five rectangle..... who knows.... can't wait to receive my squishies!!!

String Heart

This is the February block for the Block Lotto - a great finished block but it takes quite a while to get the hang of it. Saying that, I really enjoyed it and am gonna try some more. I did complete another, truth be told, but on closer inspection the coloured stripes went the opposite way AND just like last time, it ended up too small. Ah well, back to the drawing board!!