Sunday, 25 September 2011

The right time and the right place

As luck would have it, I noticed the wording on some lovely fabric that I purchased in the summer.. Look... 10 lovely Tea Roses 50c. My block that I featured in the tutorial over at 15 minutes play I called Hybrid T Rose - all because there was the letter T in a tiny scrap of fabric that I used within my 'made' fabric - such a coincidence that I could use this wonderful wordy fabric that featured Tea Roses too.
The quilts is going great guns - the top is 99% finished.

Nearly complete now ... just need to monkey around with the applique now

The progression of pinky blue quilt....

This is introducing the idea of some red...
I'm putting together a quilt, as you may know, for Project Linus but also to use my Tea Rose blocks that I made in conjunction with 15 minutes Play - I put out an S.O.S. for help and inspiration - and a couple of wonderful quilters advised me to add some reds and I'm plotting my journey. It is kinda fun...but I also have to keep walking away because its in danger of driving me nuts!!! I reckon you can look at a quilt TOOOO long!!

Adding some blue.. and liking the idea of some black and white too

introducing the idea of some embellishments in the form of applique maybe?

I love the black and white dot in the centre - but is it TOO pale?

More red borders...

What about a border to the black/white dots?

Auditioning different colours and fabrics for the top

Just about to unpick the blue as the tiny apple motif appears to be a bit on the slant
Posted by PicasaSo thats where I am so far... in grave danger of over-egging the pudding....OVER-guilding the lily....but heyho its fun and I'm looking forward to seeing it grow

Stained Glass Windows

These beautiful tops were delivered yesterday sent all the way from Washington Utah - in this light they look like stained glass windows with a couple o shifty figures standing behind them - hang on... I can see 7 legs?????
Em's mum over at this blog has pieced together these beauties and they will be be made into quilts ready to be distributed for Project Linus and make some childs day!! They are absolutely kicking with colour and have had so much time and trouble taken in putting them together - so so generous. Big thank you's and a big hug being sent across the pond today xxx
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Friday, 23 September 2011

Block of the Month meets Project Linus

I quite recently made a tutorial for a block, for Block of the Month (BOM) over on the 15 minutes Play blog , with the idea that a selection of the blocks be combined in a quilt and later judged. I love the idea but time is so precious at the moment...things were starting to close in around know what its like I'm sure. However, this week I have MADE time to do a little sewing and catch up with things that I'd said I would do, but filed away in a dusty corner of my brain. So, I pinned up a few blocks hoping for inspiration.. and stared at them... and stared.... nothing.
And then a reminder about my offer to make a BOM quilt, pinged into my mailbox and the cogs started to whirrrr. I have some orphan blocks donated to Project Linus that are lovely but quite twee according to my I wondered if I could combine the two and make a BOM inspired Linus quilt. This is my plan so far..
I just need a little more ZING to make it my own..but its growing on me.
I love the idea that these orphan blocks will be used and combined with another 2 quilter's styles to become something it it!!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


He won't thank me for this..He hates having his photo taken at the moment. But this is my youngest, taken at Elvaston Castle at the weekend, when him and I spent the most lovely afternoon together. Just us 2. It was a Wood Festival celebrating all thing wood-like. Organised by Derbyshire County Council, it was amazing, great fun and FREE!! We made wooden propellers that changed direction by MAGIC! we watched craftsmen and women at work, saw the Green Man, made badges, burnt initials into wooden pendants..made a broomstick that I can fly down to school with at any given moment!..cooked bread on an open fire. It was lovely and very special to have a bit of time with my Woodsprite come Flibber-de-gibbit known to some as Jack.
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It's taking shape..

This is my strings quilt yesterday - if I hadn't worn my machine out -I'd have done more today but..I'm cutting out another instead. I think my machine needs some TLC (I think I'll wait for the mechanical genius's to get back from school first!!)
I changed the strings into different patterns yesterday - and now I regret it - but hey-ho...a good excuse to do another!! Boy oh boy I am NOT unpicking it!!
This is how it looked first off..
Posted by PicasaNow I'm monkeying about with a quilt thats gonna be a Christmas present. I knew I wanted black and purple in it...and I had a lovely easy star pattern sent to me in the spring that I wanted to try. So today I'm auditioning fabrics. Here's a few of my ideas and faux -pas!!
Definately LIKE this one..

Not sure!!

TOOO change the surrounds

Thats a bit better
I think I need some Razzamattazzz...this is a bit subdued and muted for me. I know it's for someone else but it still needs a ZING!!  Any ideas would be so welcome.

Monday, 19 September 2011

5 Good Reasons...

These are the 5 of the reasons that make life so worthwhile...there are more of course.
But here, in one camera shot are the famous five that, for me, here, under one roof, make every day blessed.
Thank you guys x
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Monday, 12 September 2011

Strings, strings, wonderful strings!

Just 8 more squares to go and then I'll have just enough for a lovely square (there are 4 squares that I couldn't find a clutterfree, flat surface to photograph them on!) then I'm going to add a border or two or three...this will be a Christmas pressie for somebody special. I love strings - don't you?

Project Linus Day

The pile 37 high...WOW!!!!

37!! Yes 37 quilts and blankets either made or collected on Saturday, plus another 10 from the previous session so a total of 47 BUT there are still roughly 8 that are still in the process of being made.

PLUS I had the most fantastic news last week that Em over on this blog who has so kindly pledged a quilt AND 2 quilt tops as well and they are coming all the way from the USA

The generosity of the worldwide quilting community really warms my heart, this is a fantastic project that has bought folk from all over - together in a common cause to make a child feel safe, secure and happy in a hug that is a beautiful  colourful home-made quilt or blanket.

Here are a few piccies of the day..showing smiling faces (and concentrating faces!) whilst they quilt (and eat!!) As we had funding for these 2 sessions, we were able to offer refreshments all day - so that no-one had to worry about food. Great big thank you's to all that came, contributed and supported in all the various ways...from pattern sharing to fabric donations and from quilting to knitting... to the handsome chef that served our soup....x

Pat and Leni getting stuck in

Chrissie having fun with her border

Kate's stripey boy quilt made from men's shirts and even the odd pocket! Brilliant!

Everyone tucking in at lunchtime

There's the chef and his trusty sidekick sampling the sou[

Val's lovely i-Spy quilt - this is her first ever quilt! it's a beauty!!

Some of the blankets and even some baby bonnets for the neo-natal unit
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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Project Linus returns to Shipley

Next Saturday, the 10th September, we will be hosting another Project Linus Day at the Parish Room in Shipley, Heanor, Derbyshire.
If you are not familiar with the project; it supplies both knitted and fabric quilts to vunerable children that have experieced trauma in their young lives, whether it be bereavement, abuse or trauma of any kind. From neo-natal units to teenagers embarking on their first home away from care...all ages are catered for in the provision of these beautiful, home-made 'hugs'.
If you are in the Derbyshire area, please contact me and I will gladly give you more details - you need bring nothing with you - we have the equipment, fabric and will feed and water you too!
Never-the-less we are always on the lookout for fabric and wool and donations will always be gratefully accepted. (Cotton fabrics please, and regular wool that can withstand washing)
The last session at the Parish Room was really successful and we all had a wonderful day - making quilts and new friends, sharing home-made soup and cakes, punctuated with copious amounts of tea and coffee!! What could be better?

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Deadline - Headline!!

I've done it - with one day to go and a spare one to boot plus the first little runt of a pencil case for me to keep my....whatnots in!! Proud? Me? Oh very much so!!!!
Enjoy the last day of the summer holidays folks - you guys who have kids heading back to school on Monday x