Tuesday, 2 October 2012

In the Pipeline

Not for the faint hearted!
My camera doesn't do the colours justice ..they gel alot better in real life. As soon as I've started to sew and its possible to move it closer to natural light, you'll get a better idea. But I tell you what...I'm LOVIN it!!


A couple of snaps from the subway near the Elephant and Castle tube station!

Gives you an idea or two...?

Project Linus September in Shipley, Heanor

They came in their droves...

Some on their bikes...

They saw the sign....

Standing room only!!

Saturday morning saw a prompt start to a fabulous turnout of quilters and knitters to the Parish Room at Shipley (20 folk all-in-all, a record turnout).
Not only did these wonderful women arrive and immediately set to and make some inspiring quilts and blankets on the day, but many came laden with bags of items , completed since the last session. Some from themselves and some from absent friends, who couldn't make the date. One batch of tiny hats came from an elderly mother who knitted around 50 of these bonny coloured bonnets despite having one eye and a cataract - a 'life saver' her daughter described the goal of knitting for this much loved cause.

The word of our Shipley Linus sessions had spread to Cornwall, as a friend of one of our regular knitters pledged her support in the form of 2 beautiful  neonatal blankets ..plus 2 more from a friend of hers...passing on the goodwill.

We sewed, chatted, knitted, shared ideas until we ate a well earned lunch of hearty Autumnal soup and crusty hot rolls...(thanks to the generosity of our funders UK Coal) and then continued into the afternoon. This saw the unveiling of our huge roll of wadding as quilts drew near completion (how on earth did Mary Ann get that whopper in her car and still manage to drive??"!!) her car has all the traits of Dr Who's tardis!!

Knitters nattering

Ingenious blocks made of recycled mens shirts

Industrial extension leads were called for!!

As 4 'o'clock beckoned, the day slowly drew to a close - eager to know the date of the next meet up, we reluctantly packed every scrap away. And the tot-up of the 'Glory Pile' of quilts commenced:

Knitted baby quilts                                 x 18
Quilted baby quilts                                 x 4
Incubator quilts                                      x 32
Quilts (biggies!)                                      x 15
Hats                                                      x 116

plus 2 Laura Ashley 'shabby chic'vintage fabric quilts made with the sole purpose of raffling or autioning to secure the rent for another couple of Linus days in the Shipley Parish Room.

What a glorious end to the day!!!