Monday, 30 January 2012

Quilt-as-you-go Scrap Buster!!

This is my new love! I've always wanted to have a bash at Quilt as you go..and through one link or another I stumbled across
Its not a tradional way, as you don't add the backing until last, therefore the back won't be technically quilted, just a bit of stichin in the ditchin! But it has meant that I can test out a few new stitches on my new machine and the quilt top will be lovely and quilted.
At the moment I'm not sure how big to go, I might stop at 9 squares, add a Q.A.Y.G. border and then hand tie with a button on each square and use as a throw...not sure yet...and I'm getting impatient!!
each square of batting starts out approx 14 inch square

each oblong of fabric..I didn't use a sewn log cabin style and quilted as it is layed down

I'm currently hiding from the Quilt Police as there are some VERY DODGY stitches that are TOO nicely in focus!!

BUT who would know and I won't tell if you don't...
This is a really fun approach, a brilliant scrap buster, so far I have only shelled out for a metre of cotton batting. I have some backing that might be JUST right but thats another story.

Project Linus day of quilting on Saturday here in Derbyshire..we have a machine you could borrow, we have the fabrics and the batting ...we even have lunch. If you're free and would like to spend a day quilting for a VERY good cause - let me know and I'll forward you details  .

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