Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Latest update...Underground Quilt

When looking through my stash of fabrics for the tea towel challenge over at 15 minutes of play blog I found that I had more than a little of vintage farics that had a 'tea' connection. Napkins, cloths, a tea dress! aprons...see above

I thought the the words " Brightest London is best reached by underground" on the original tea towel that would become the medallion ,were best seperated to reduce the amount of beige in the quilt. So I played with some background ideas.
after making some big 'made ' fabric I decided to slash them into strips rather than squares

and sandwich them within strips of seersucker...why not????

and then once again.
I haven't sewn the dog to the bottom of it...he can run off if he wishes!

These shapes reminded me of the escalator in the medallion tea towel image. Such fun!!

For cornerstones I used scraps left from the Kath Kidson cloth that had lovely images of Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and Big Ben and another scrap of the underground logo and just added fabric to make the right size. As you can see nothing is particularly measured, and certainly nothing square but immense fun and it holds lots of treasured fabrics. Definately a 'keeper' to look for some backing. Its got to be an old tablecloth or a vintage sheet! Now...who's for a cuppa??

Another big THANK YOU to Victoria over at the 15 minutes of play blog for such a great challenge.

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  1. A fabulous, fabulous quilt! I love your blog! You are a real person doing genuine quilting and that is my favorite kind of person and quilter. Lovely, lovely fun. Now, I have to read more!