Saturday, 16 July 2011

Wonky Box of Treasures


At last I've finished my Wonky Box of Treasures aka my camping sewing kit!! made out of little stuffed pillows and embellished with an Eiffel Tower which is quite apt as I think we might be tackling the Peripherique next week!
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Monday, 11 July 2011

New Product Launch

I've been messing around this morning, flitting between this that and the other - trying to knuckle down and produce something to sell on my new Web Page to be launched later this be frank ... I've got nowt. Zero. Zilch. I sold it all on the Craft Fair or I've given it away.
So I'm desperate....
So here we go....

You know that noise in the middle of the night, you wonder whether its a mouse, or the washing machine..or your neighbours? Sometimes it sounds like a low moan...
its your eggs.
They are moaning. They are DAMN cold.
They've been toastie warm in the chicken, warm in the nest. So now they are shivering and moaning.
What they need is one of these:


A fandango EGG COSY, for an eco-friendly vintage styley egg around town - look no further.
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And talk about value for money... its double sided!!

Good Monday to You


I don't know what its like where you are, but its a most beautiful Monday morning here. Beautiful sunshine and there's something really positive in the air...can't put my finger on it but if I could bottle it... I'm sure I'd make my fortune.
Whilst I ponder, I'm starting to wonder...(ooh here comes a poem)

If my new project could be a hugs and kisses quilt?

Can you see the kisses and the round O of the hugs?

No, not an OXO quilt that has a completly different ring to it!
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Sunday, 10 July 2011

These are fun aren't they??


I've managed 4 lots of 4 to make this little arrangement - they are good fun and a brilliant scrap buster!
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There are a million and one things that I ought to be doing....said that I'd do......knowing full well that they won't go away.. but what am I doing...??

Making string blocks

But aren't they lovely?
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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Quilting Kaffe


I must admit, when I first found out that it was an 'S' Block quilt that would feature on the Kaffe Fassett course that I attended in early June, I wasn't as over the moon as I could have been. But as the process of making this quilt has progressed, I have grown to love it. So much so, that I think I may do more...and more....
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Hybrid T(ea) Rose Tutorial

This is a block that featured in the Block Lotto a couple of months ago and credit goes to Kate of for tweaking and modernising an old block and calling this one Modern Clover .
By using  'made' material and spiralling in a wonky 5 sided log cabinny way - you can create a rose effect.

First, you'll need your scaps - mine aren't colour co-ordinated in seperate bags - just piled in an Ikea bag - organised chaos!! Anyway, you'll need to choose a colour-way for the rose, some greens for the leaves and stem and some plain colour for the background - I have chosen white
It was a race to see if I had more blues than pinks

Green strips for the leaves

Sew enough strips together to form a square (on point) of 7 inches
 My blue stash won!! Sew your rose colours in a wonky log cabinesque way to give the impression of petals curling around a centre (Can you see why mine's a Hydrid T (ea) Rose!!) Again to be on the safe side it needs to be about 7 inches square - I can say this now with the benifit of hindsight
 Once squared, I cut the green square so that the stripes run horizontally. You will also require 2 back-ground squares of 7" cut into triangles. Plus a nice green stem.
 Sew the leaf triangles to the white ones, and sew the stem inbetween the last two triangles. As I am slap dash in my approach I have estimated on the big side so that at this part, I can square them up to the correct size of 6 1/2" square. Maths is not my strong point so please feel free to advise an easier approach!!
Sew the rose to a leaf square and the stem to the other leaf square - Take care at this point to match up the centre point as you now sew the remaining 2 last pieces into place.

Place a pin at the point where the 2 centre seams meet and sew in 2 parts - from the pin to the end - turn over and again from pin to the end
Once complete, square up the block to a 12 1/2" square
Here's a picture of my toes that also happens to have 2 completed blocks. The first pink one that I tried, I accidently cut the green block in half the wrong way - but its OK - Check out the wobbly stem - it was a windy day.
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