Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Quick March Update

Here's just a couple of pics of what I'm up to at this moment in time..
The biggest is this:

Thats about as much as I can show at the moment! TOP SECRET!!!

This is what I tried to do.... back the Underground Quilt..BUT something got in the way.

So then Mary Ann and I did some sewing for Project Linus Thankyou day at the Parish Room, making needle cases and goodie bags.

We had another wonderful day, about 20 of us in all, sharing our quilts and quilting patterns

Here's one of the marvellous quilts made from mens shirts

and these are vintage blocks that we plan to complete into a quilt worthy of raffling and fund raising

We have enough of the blocks above for about 3 king-size quilts!! We would love to know the story behind them - the fabric dates from mid seventies we think. Can you spot any familiar ones to you?? I'd love to know.

And finally I've been sewing some orphan blocks together that have either been donated to the Linus project or are from a wonderful giveaway , at least a year ago. It's almost complete tonight, I'll post again tomorrow. I've loved putting the jigsaw pieces together.

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