Tuesday, 10 January 2012

I-Spy quilt for a little boy

This was the first layout of an I-Spy quilt for a little 3 year old's Birthday. I ended up putiing a little square of colour within the the 2 solid blocks because I thought they were a little plain. And if I remember rightly (golly this was only a week agao and I've forgot already!!??) I removed the orange paisley and the Kaffe stripes and instead popped in some other 'busy' fabric with a picture on rather than a pattern...and then I added a border of the Kaffe stripes that I love so much.
For quickness and ease I have backed with fleece for the last few smaller quilts...something that I never thought I would do but have been quite pleased with the results and when needs must....(and did I mention that Dunelm Mills have a half price sale on their fleeces....aha method in my madness....)

And at last I have been quilting the Pinky-Blue quilt that I made earlier last year out of orphan blocks donated to Project Linus and a couple that I made for Block of the Month over at 15 Mins Play
Victoria has encouraged me to finish this quilt in time for the 16 th January where it will be judged with some other quilts that have been made out of Block of the Month samplers...and I'm so glad that she did. I have so enjoyed making this quilt - the colours just make my heart sing...al those pinks and reds....lovely. I'm sure wherever it ends up it will be enjoyed.
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