Monday, 12 September 2011

Project Linus Day

The pile 37 high...WOW!!!!

37!! Yes 37 quilts and blankets either made or collected on Saturday, plus another 10 from the previous session so a total of 47 BUT there are still roughly 8 that are still in the process of being made.

PLUS I had the most fantastic news last week that Em over on this blog who has so kindly pledged a quilt AND 2 quilt tops as well and they are coming all the way from the USA

The generosity of the worldwide quilting community really warms my heart, this is a fantastic project that has bought folk from all over - together in a common cause to make a child feel safe, secure and happy in a hug that is a beautiful  colourful home-made quilt or blanket.

Here are a few piccies of the day..showing smiling faces (and concentrating faces!) whilst they quilt (and eat!!) As we had funding for these 2 sessions, we were able to offer refreshments all day - so that no-one had to worry about food. Great big thank you's to all that came, contributed and supported in all the various ways...from pattern sharing to fabric donations and from quilting to knitting... to the handsome chef that served our soup....x

Pat and Leni getting stuck in

Chrissie having fun with her border

Kate's stripey boy quilt made from men's shirts and even the odd pocket! Brilliant!

Everyone tucking in at lunchtime

There's the chef and his trusty sidekick sampling the sou[

Val's lovely i-Spy quilt - this is her first ever quilt! it's a beauty!!

Some of the blankets and even some baby bonnets for the neo-natal unit
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  1. Oh i really want to get involved with this, I don't really knwo much about quilting, but i'm determined to learn and get involved!

  2. Julie - how wonderful, I'm in awe of everyone that came along to help - well done to you all!! That chef looks a bit shifty though, I'm sure I've seen him somewhere before...