Friday, 23 September 2011

Block of the Month meets Project Linus

I quite recently made a tutorial for a block, for Block of the Month (BOM) over on the 15 minutes Play blog , with the idea that a selection of the blocks be combined in a quilt and later judged. I love the idea but time is so precious at the moment...things were starting to close in around know what its like I'm sure. However, this week I have MADE time to do a little sewing and catch up with things that I'd said I would do, but filed away in a dusty corner of my brain. So, I pinned up a few blocks hoping for inspiration.. and stared at them... and stared.... nothing.
And then a reminder about my offer to make a BOM quilt, pinged into my mailbox and the cogs started to whirrrr. I have some orphan blocks donated to Project Linus that are lovely but quite twee according to my I wondered if I could combine the two and make a BOM inspired Linus quilt. This is my plan so far..
I just need a little more ZING to make it my own..but its growing on me.
I love the idea that these orphan blocks will be used and combined with another 2 quilter's styles to become something it it!!

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