Wednesday, 21 September 2011

It's taking shape..

This is my strings quilt yesterday - if I hadn't worn my machine out -I'd have done more today but..I'm cutting out another instead. I think my machine needs some TLC (I think I'll wait for the mechanical genius's to get back from school first!!)
I changed the strings into different patterns yesterday - and now I regret it - but hey-ho...a good excuse to do another!! Boy oh boy I am NOT unpicking it!!
This is how it looked first off..
Posted by PicasaNow I'm monkeying about with a quilt thats gonna be a Christmas present. I knew I wanted black and purple in it...and I had a lovely easy star pattern sent to me in the spring that I wanted to try. So today I'm auditioning fabrics. Here's a few of my ideas and faux -pas!!
Definately LIKE this one..

Not sure!!

TOOO change the surrounds

Thats a bit better
I think I need some Razzamattazzz...this is a bit subdued and muted for me. I know it's for someone else but it still needs a ZING!!  Any ideas would be so welcome.


  1. wow these look amazing! i need to learn how to make a quilt, do you have any recommendations on places to start?

  2. Such beautiful work Julie, I'm very impressed with whatever you make x

  3. hi, thanks for stopping by and having a gander!! I'm petty new to this quilting lark and I have found some incredible tutorials on line, either within blogs on on You Tube - plus I am gathering a collection of books - any of Kaffe Fassetts books have quilts for every ability. But the thing that got me hooked first was a workshop...I really got the bug!