Sunday, 25 September 2011

The progression of pinky blue quilt....

This is introducing the idea of some red...
I'm putting together a quilt, as you may know, for Project Linus but also to use my Tea Rose blocks that I made in conjunction with 15 minutes Play - I put out an S.O.S. for help and inspiration - and a couple of wonderful quilters advised me to add some reds and I'm plotting my journey. It is kinda fun...but I also have to keep walking away because its in danger of driving me nuts!!! I reckon you can look at a quilt TOOOO long!!

Adding some blue.. and liking the idea of some black and white too

introducing the idea of some embellishments in the form of applique maybe?

I love the black and white dot in the centre - but is it TOO pale?

More red borders...

What about a border to the black/white dots?

Auditioning different colours and fabrics for the top

Just about to unpick the blue as the tiny apple motif appears to be a bit on the slant
Posted by PicasaSo thats where I am so far... in grave danger of over-egging the pudding....OVER-guilding the lily....but heyho its fun and I'm looking forward to seeing it grow

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