Sunday, 20 February 2011

A little bit more

Heres my new gadget gizmo from Ikea that allows me to pin up ideas and half finished thingy-me-bobs - pride of place is my beautiful Journal Quilt from Dee that arrived from Canada yesterday as part of the Quilt Swop

Here's her wonderful detail - I love it - thank you Dee

I managed another 2 hearts for the Block Lotto

and here is the pieced scrappy top containing all the odds and sods, bits and bobs - I wish my camera was a bit more true to the colours - never mind i'll try again when I've put the border on and started the quilting process. This will have cost me nothing but my time - I like that idea! A freebie at last - I need to do more of these to justify my obsession for collecting fabric!!

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