Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The new addition to the family

Here she is..... made in 1874 and still going strong - A beautiful Singer that caught our eye on E-Bay as we were bidding on something else (isn't it always the way??? it is for me!) We got this beauty, together with a lovely wooden case which has a secret cubby hole in it for bobbins etc. Plus loads of spare needles, bobbins, feet and spare bobbin cases for...... £16 This brings the sewing machine count in the Wyer household up to 5 .... whoops. However, every cloud has a silver lining - I can now offer patchwork workshops locally and have 4 machines that I can easily transport .... speculate to accumalate....isn't that what they say?

I managed to save this beauty from a recycling bin..don't ask...but what a beauty -i'll call it my Oxo jumper

These are images of a bag I'm in the process of making that will hold my cutting mat and ruler - I've used thick wadding again so its lovely and chunkily quilted - just need some nice handles now

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