Wednesday, 2 March 2011

March Block Lotto

This month its the turn of the disappearing 4 patch. Each block is to have a different red used in it, I think that I only have one more red left in my stash so 4 might have to be my limit this month!.... who knows?????
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  1. The first time I arranged my stash by color, I discovered I had almost NO red and little yellow or orange--I guess I was just a cool colors girl, you know? Anyway, for a while, when I was at quilt shows, I would ONLY allow myself to buy those colors that were lacking in my stash. My stash still has more blue and green than anything else, but it is more balanced now and, curiously enough, I am making more RED quilts ;-)

    What I am trying to gently suggest is that ... maybe this is a sign that you need to buy more reds--not just for the Lotto Blocks, but to add balance to your stash and (maybe) your quilt designs ;-)