Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Nappy Pouches!!

Whilst strolling through Blogland the other day I came across some great ideas on Living My Sweet Life blog here and via that, stumbled across this Noddle-head site with amazing tutorials - one of them being this great littke pouch. At the same time the phone rang with news that a friend was just about to have her baby that day.... so I began... and just in case she had triplets I made 3 !!!! All I need to do now is purchase some baby wipes and a pack of nappiues to divvy out amonst them and they'll be a cute little gift for a mum-to-be

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  1. SO very wonky wonderful on this Wednesday!!!!! THank you for visiting me at my blog corner and good luck in the drawing. I look forward to visiting you often, Love your energy! Em