Saturday, 16 April 2011


I'm trying to look demure.. but the smile on my chops says it all... we had a HOOT!! Taking a leaf from Em's blog today was classed as a Retreat - as in retreating from the day-to-day life and replacing with some much needed nurturing of the inner goddess .With money being a bit tight it was only ever to be a day long but it was the tonic needed, to regroup, pamper ourselves and above all relax and escape. My bestest pal Liz and I had the most wonderful day in Nottingham and on the way, I was thinking about the word RETREAT and tried to make as many words as I could from it... and they are all SO APT!!   : Treat - says it all , Eat - compulsary on a girls day out, Tart - that something we eat...not...!! Tear - sometimes, after a glass of wine, Rear - as in, 'does my bum look big in this?' Tat - what to avoid spending our hard earned cash on.

Giggles at morning coffee

'Cheers'ful smiles at lunch
Posted by PicasaLots of window shopping, lots of trying on clothes, sampling makeup, eating, drinking and merry making - just what the doctor ordered

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