Friday, 6 May 2011

Project Linus Comes to Shipley

For those who aren't familiar with the name - Project Linus is an organisation originally founded in 1995 in the USA and later came to the UK in 2000.....It all started when....
'an article appeared in Parade Magazine entited 'Joy to the World' featuring a small curly haired child. She had been going through intensive chemotherapy and it stated that her security blanket had helped get her through the treatments.
Karen Loucks, who had just learned to crochet decided to provide home-made security blankets for Denver Rocky Mountain Children's Cancer Centre. Project Linus was born! (Linus named after the little guy in the Peanuts comic strip)'
Since Project Linus came to the UK over 117,000 quilts and blankets have been delivered to seriously ill, abused, bereaved or traumatised children from premature babies to teenagers - in need of a hug.

UK Coal have pledged money to community projects in our local area, and have very kindly agreed to fund 2 days at the Shipley Parish Rooms, where knitters and quilters alike can drop in and help make some comfort blankets, for the project. All materials will be on hand together with refreshemments - even a bit of lunch! So from 10.30 am onwards on Saturday 28th May if you are free - please come down you will be made most welcome.
If you cannot make it, but would like to help in some other way you can:

Make a quilt at home and donate it
Donate supplies such as cotton fabric, office supplies or postage stamps, whick will help the project run smoothly.

Project Linus is 100% volunteer based and non-profitmaking so it relies on such donations


  1. Always a wonderful project and I so applaud all of you. If you need any free patterns, look in my side bar..I give even more ones to link to and print off than the Project Linus site does. I even offered them my whole list to help out :) Such a wonderful cause!!! Free Babies and Childrens Quilt Patterns

  2. Thank you for this Michele - that is SOME list!! Everyone that comes will be directed to the free patterns, it will be a great help. I have tried to share your button on my sidebar but I'm still a novice.. so its taking time to learn how to do it!!! Big Thank you x