Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Quilts and Baked Beans

I was thirty years of age before I ate a baked bean.
No-one could have tempted me - I refused them for years and even baulked at the thought of them.
Now I love 'em. I accidentally ate one that had strayed onto my plate and hid itself amongst my fried brekkie and...wow...really nice!
Thank fully, its been a godsend, as when times in the past have been a bit hard - those little fellas have provided a nutritious hot meal for very little cost.
The same goes for quilting - I have this theory that it is something you find  when its needed. You can't be pushed into it..you will only appreciate it for its full worth, when the time is right.
For years, and it is only nowadays that I am recalling this, I have had little dabblings in quilting and patchwork. And a few years ago, a brilliantly gifted crafty pal of mine started to quilt, the most deliciously colourful Kaffe Fassett inspired quilts and whilst I admired them ..I don't think I really SAW and appreciated them. Then, I accompanied her in April 2010 to a workshop run by her local quilting group, where we made paper pieced stars.

My first pieced star
...and that was it....I haven't stopped quilting since. Now I look at her quilts with different eyes, like a veil has lifted and I can savour every beautiful hand stitch and marvel at the fabrics.
... and as I spread the word evangelically about the love I have for this craft, the craft that has put a spring in my step and a song in my heart....I see...  "oh no!"the glazed expressions, a foggy haze that my quilting just isn't penetrating.. you see?   Its all about the timing.
And so to 'Blog', to find YOU ... you who are reading this and nodding, and to you whose blogs I so admire, to share in your highs and lows and you in mine, you whose fog has lifted, who can walk my walk and moreover talk my talk... I am so pleased and relieved to know you are there and thank you for sharing this journey with me.

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