Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Kaffe Quilt

Well, this is what has been keeping me out of trouble for the last couple of days, and as always I'm obsessed and can't leave it alone.
The workshop last Friday in Cornwall with Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Maltby was FANTASTIC - an absolutely full-on day - hitting the ground running. No time for chat really or socialising BUT plenty of time to create, instinctively with wonderful. tips and guidelines from Kaffe and Brandon.
I think that was what struck me the most, that we were advised to NOT think too much and to whack half a dozen blocks up onto the design wall, following your gut instinct - then to stand back see if anything required tweaking and changing.
Right at the end of the day, each quilt was critiqued by Kaffe in a great positive and praiseworthy way with his great expressions and humour. Mine was likened to a Victorian paisley shawl, with its colours... and he LOVED my red and white polka dots and the black and gold block in the centre.
This is a great quilt to sew.. its his S Block quilt which features in his book Country Garden Quilts.. its relatively easy to piece together. I still have a couple of blocks to sew, never mind sewing the whole lot together, but I'm loving doing it, I think because I love all the fabrics so much, its a joy when I reach each combination.
Here's a few snippets of other quilts...and of course the man himself

This is Ali's beautifully tropical one..

How different everyones were!!

This was a favourite of Kaffe's as it was so rich and opulent in colour

This one was special as it was made from wool woven fabrics!!
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If you get an opportunity to attend one of his workshops, I do recommend it... ours wasn't organised as well as it could have been, there were a few grumbles as many had received no instruction of what to bring. So if you do go, my advice would be to take plenty of pins, your rotary cutter and mat (although some managed with scissors), some flannel/brushed cotton fabric big enough for your design wall (better too big than too small) and of course YOUR chosen fabrics, some already cut to be able to make a start. I just cut 2 and half inch strips of my favourites, and I could  cut strips to actual size as and when necessary.
I didn't hear of any fabric being rejected as such, what didn't work for one person often was perfect for another!! and Kaffe was able to advise fabrics from an amazing pop-up shop that had come for the day, which were very reasonable prices - so take some pocket money!!!!

What a wonderful way to spend the day.....

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