Monday, 6 June 2011

Can you see the join?

I'm pretty sure that this is the same view as last time - and I'm really happy with the result. ( This quilt needed some serious patching after some pet rats had escaped and had one hell of a midnight feast!!)
It means that this quilt will live to see another generation and I have loved mending it, I have found pieces that I have collected over the years in my stash that have just..waited..patiently for this project. I have used Liberty hexagons that were once a project that a friend started years ago and gave me as a U.F.O - a 1950's apron that exactly matches the pink and white striped material originally used in the quilt, red and white polka dots from a charity shop find, that match - its amazing and a project that just had to be mine. I have popped the pocket of the apron over the hexies to match the polka dot one already there.
Amazingly enough I was worried about trying to match a border, when I noticed that originally the hexagons went right down to the very edge obscuring the border - so I have taken that as a green for go and taken the hexagon patch right down there too.
I hope my friend likes it as much as I have enjoyed doing it. It's now to live on a barge - can you imagine it? I think it'll fit in lovely.
I LOVE this quilt

Middle patch is bang in centre of pic with horizontal stripes, a turnip and 2 dotty fabrics

Here are the hexies with a pocket on top - on the top right of pic
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