Sunday, 26 June 2011

Can't Wait ..Won't Wait...

Can't wait..Won't wait - thats the name my husband calls me. I'm impatient... there are worse crimes. I have started to hand quilt my Kaffe S-Block (sounds a bit like a prison wing???!!) but my favourite part of the quilting process is the very last bit..putting the border on. So... I've done it now..already
My friend Susann, a keen dressmaker and gifted needlewoman and at times, my fashion guru..has very kindly given me a piece of Kaffe's stripey grey fabric, which when used as a binding forms little squares....Just Perfect. I just couldn't wait to neaten it all up and see what this lovely finishing touch would be. Only its not finished....yet!!!
Whats happened to my pics??? White lines - funny colours?? The next pic was of my newest fat quarter - scooters and Jack Russells - how apt!!!
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  1. Oh my scooters & jack russells!! Wherever did you find that??? Many a morning we have raced with Jack on his scooter & us in our car on the road to school, he nearly beats us too!