Thursday, 25 August 2011

Happy Birthday Dew Me


In the glorious morning sunlight, it appeared that Mother Nature or one of her little helpers had decorated the garden with extraordinary dew. This magical stuff glistened like a million tiny electric light bulbs like I'd never seen before. Cobwebs waved like flags, swaying in the breeze between skinny twigs and the bird feeder wore a golden crown and dangled a sparkling banner beneath. I've been trying to capture it on camera but I have a feeling that the pictures will be inadequate to reproduce this gift that I have unknowingly waited for for some 45 years.
Gifts come in all shapes and disguises when you reach the ripe old age of 45 years. Like a precious moment with the children, thrilled to give and watch me receive my presents. My morning filled with the laughter and love of girlfriends, whose friendship I value up there in the top ten of blessings. The good news that my Mum's hospital test results were clear...she can now breath a sigh of relief and share in her special day, the one that she gave birth, too.
One of my treasured gifts was a book of blessings, and today of all days I feel extremely blessed and thank each and every one who made this day such a special one.
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  1. Julie, What a beautiful post!!!!!! I watched the Adjustment Bureau last night and what a "thinker" of a movie it is.....Had a hard time falling asleep thinking of how blessings and people and "things" shower upon us and shape us. Enjoy your day! Em