Friday, 13 July 2012

The return of the mojo!!

At last the cogs are churning and the needles are flying..thanks to a lovely Project Linus sewing day with my dear friend and Linus partener in crime Mary Ann..I found the inspiration to start creating another quilt. This picture is particularly lousy but you get the gist. I LOVE the whole process, how snippets of inspiration hit you and you combine techniques and ideas to make something quite personal.
Firstly by thumbing through Material Obsessions (beautiful book - I do a link up later) I thought I would tackle a scrapbuster of a quilt. 4 blocks in and a whole day has passed and my will to carry on with the thought of another 20 blocks to conquer was waining. So in a 'quick fix' sort of a mood I trawled through my fabrics and came across about a metre square of a beautiful soft furnishing remnant/sample piece that I picked up at a charity shop and seemed perfect colourwise. Having made the borders to my 4 blocks, I started thinking about the GEEs Bend quilters and how they quilted with little or no mod cons - no rotary cutters for them..and started to rip big slices of two georgous remnants recently acquired (some £2 curtains with great big cabbagey flowers and another £1.99 remnant from local charity shop possible lightweight curtains) and I really enjoyed mixing the weights of the fabrics, it really didn't detract from 'the look'. I have echoed the four inner blocks with giant 10" outer blocks ..then bordered with some linen/ticking tablecloth that has been looking for the right home,
By Jimminy, I'm lovin it!! Its growing quickly and is forever open to twists and turns as the fabric takes me on its own journey. When I suss out the photography element of new Blogger, there will be more photos,
Bye for now. It took months but it's sussed now!!

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