Monday, 6 February 2012

Project Linus 2012 style

Oh how I wish I styled this photo a bit better!! This one in the foreground was an amazing quilt - made from men's shirts gathered from charity shops. bordered and backed with calico and hand tied with a brownish silk. Kath really made a fantastic job, it even has a pocket here and there salvaged from the shirts. Because its hand tied and not quilted by machine or hand, it has a lovely loftiness about it. A mCuhh9]Octor!!
These quilts were handed in, before we sxwpc|JRik)on - whick means that our little group must have sewn and knitted over 50 quilts, thanks to 2 sessions and alot of home-work. How brilliant!! and to say that some are first time quilters too -a fine bunch of wonderful women (and one small star of a boy!!) Now we start afresh and start to count again for 2012.....!!
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This yellow fabric is recycled duvet and curtains...quite zingy

Here are some of the busy bees...15 joined in this time

and here's another one being made from the shirt blocks..perfect for boys. I love the reds and oranges

Huge thank yous to all those wonderful ladies that ventured out even with the threat of bad weather advancing...and the snow did start about 3 pm. It was a lovely atmosphere and some fantastic quilts were started. We will be back again in force in May!! Watch this space.

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