Thursday, 24 November 2011

The 'Hug' of a Quilt that warms your heart...

Having spoken to my aunt last week, I came off the phone knowing that my quilt to her had to be sent sooner rather than later. She's having a tough old time, having fallen some 14 or more weeks ago - she's a bit down in the mouth, fed up with looking at the same 4 walls, and desperate to get out and about and back to normal. I live some hundred and fifty miles away and really wanted to cheer her up in some way. The quilt was supposed to be a Christmas pressie but sometimes needs must.  So I parcelled it up and sent it on Monday. Well, the joy in her voice when she rang was wonderful - she knows that she's in my thoughts and that there is love stitched into every seam. I didn't realise until then, that a quilt really can GIVE that hug that you so want to share - and make someone feel that warm, fuzzy, loved feeling - knowing that someone has taken the time and the effort to show that they care. And we all need that at times don't we?


  1. I have no doubt that your Aunt WILL feel that warm, fuzzy loved feeling ... at a time when it sounds like she could really use it. There is nothing worse than to be sick/injured and alone (or far enough away from loved ones to sometimes feel like you are.)

  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely!!!! That is exactly the beauty and the joy in the making and giving of a quilt. Many blessings to you and to your auntie. She is a lucky lady to have you in her life. And thank you so very much, Julie for coming by my blog today and leaving a lovely comment. I appreciate that, and you, so very much!